Quality management

In a general strategy of corporate growing, C.G.M. S.n.c. places the quality, in the wider sense of quality of our organization, as a basic management tool to lead the company to a product to more and more satisfying the market requirements. With the quality management, the company identified two strategic objectives:
  • the customer satisfaction,
  • the continuous improvement.
Such objectives are pursued offering and adapting all the processes to the requirements, explicit and implicit, of the customer and finding and monitoring them to the aim to continually render them more and more effective and efficient in a continuous improvement. The customer assumes therefore a central role for the company success in all the activities. It becomes important to know him deeply, to supply products and services to meet his requirements and to create a high satisfaction.
  • More detailed company objectives are: the improvement of the image and the reputation on the market, to increase the number of the customers and the turnover, and to meet new markets;
  • the satisfaction of the interested parts (customers, employees, suppliers), and therefore: attainment of the stated objectives, increase of the occupational level, constant reduction of the number of the customers claims, high level of the customer and of the suppliers satisfaction, the last ones considered as company partners;
  • the respect of the explicit and implicit contractual engagements;
  • the cure of the communication towards the customer;
  • the improvement of the effectiveness and the efficiency of the business processes.
The attainment of these objectives will constantly be monitored through the survey of the customer satisfaction and the analysis of the claims and of those data of the processes that management will think useful to improve the efficiency of the company. Moreover the Direction wants improve the company image, inside and outside, throughout:
  • the use of the most modern techniques to support the customer, through a constant activity of formation and modernization of the area responsible;
  • rigorous application of the laws and the norm to protect the health and the safety of the workers.
The attainment and maintenance of these objectives constantly will be pursued through activity of formation and information of the staff to all the levels.